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1st December 2019
Nina’s Eyeball Keychain – Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
2nd December 2019

Nina’s Eyeball Keychain – Mug


“Nina Azarova is the key.” This spooky rendition of an all-seeing eye was prominently displayed throughout season 2 on Nina’s keyring. Do you remember what the eye holds? This beautiful rendering was created by @dowdpro.

Follow the artist @dowdpro here.

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It watches you watch The OA. You take a sip. Nina’s eyeball keychain appears on screen. You look back at your eyeball mug. Everything has come full circle.

This mug, proudly displaying Nina’s eyeball keychain in vivid, glossy print, will hold practically any beverage you like. Take it to work to remind your co-workers you’ve got your eye on them. Put it in your window at home to freak out your neighbours. Hold it up when your kids run amuck so that they know you’ve got eyes in the back of your head. Whatever you fancy, this is the mug for you.

This mug:

  • Is ceramic
  • Holds liquids
  • Is dishwasher safe
  • Will keep an eye on things for you (not a recommended security measure)
  • Is white and glossy
  • Looks sweet as heck

Follow the artist @dowdpro here.

#SaveTheOA merchandise is a not-for-profit endeavour designed to support the movement from within. These efforts will assist us in ensuring that the fight to have The OA return to our screens continues. Proceeds from this mug will go back into the #SaveTheOA grassroots movement to promote The OA and #SaveTheOA, to organise fandom activities or to support our contributing artists who have so graciously provided us with their artwork. You can stay up-to-date with #SaveTheOA’s movements and activities by following us across all our socials.
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