Elodie's Robots: Protestor - Mug - Save The OA
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2nd January 2020
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10th January 2020

Elodie’s Robots: Protestor – Mug


Since the cancellation announcement August 5th 2019, the OA fandom has not stopped in their efforts to get Netflix to renew our beloved show. Let the robots speak for you: NETFLIX, save the OA!

Elodie’s Robots: Protestor – Mug | #SaveTheOA merchandise with original fan art by Michael – @dowdpro


Elodie’s Robots: Protestor – Mug | #SaveTheOA merchandise with original fan art by Michael Dowd – @dowdpro

Anything you can do, robots can do it better. This bright, glossy mug featuring Elodie’s Movement Robot as the Original Protestor will show everyone around you exactly what you’re all about. Put five in a circle, see what happens. If the invisible river opens up, let us know. Just remember, robots can’t love you like we do.

About this mug: 

  • Ceramic
  • May open a path to the invisible river (not proven)
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy
  • Sweet as heck
  • A great way to support the movement
  • A conversation starter
#SaveTheOA merchandise is a not-for-profit endeavour designed to support the movement from within. These efforts will assist us in ensuring that the fight to have The OA return to our screens continues. Proceeds from this mug will go back into the #SaveTheOA grassroots movement to promote The OA and #SaveTheOA, to organise fandom activities or to support our contributing artists who have so graciously provided us with their artwork. You can stay up-to-date with #SaveTheOA’s movements and activities by following us across all our socials.
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