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The #SaveTheOA movement has been behind many fan-funded projects aimed at reversing the untimely cancellation of The OA. Notable efforts include the billboards in Times Square and Los Angeles, as well as the purchasing of Old Kite, the movements travelling community kite.
2Where do the profits go?
Proceeds from sales of this merchandise will go back into movement events and select charities that are chosen by you. Every quarter, a minimum 10% of proceeds from overall sales go to nominated charities. We have individual contracts with every artist we work with, some have graciously provided their work free-of-charge, and others receive a commission. A report of donations will be available here as soon as possible.
3How does merchandise help Save The OA?
This latest campaign - fan-made merchandise FOR fans - is designed to put the word on the streets about the story we love. We become the billboard. Every day, across the world. The story lives on because of us, and if we keep that fire alive, it will return one day. Sales of our merchandise also raise funds that will continue the promotional and community activities for #SaveTheOA.
4Are you making money from this?
If you like what we're doing and want to support our work, you can buy us a coffee on Ko-Fi, but otherwise, nope, not a penny. We volunteer out of love for the story and each other.
5Can I suggest a charity?
Yes! We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us on any of our social media platforms or via

We Support


The lead combat agency for bush fires in NSW, Australia.

The NSW Rural Fire Service, the world's largest fire service. Our 74,000 volunteer members provide emergency services to more than 95 percent of NSW. The Service aims to reduce the likelihood and consequence of fires occurring. This involves comprehensive risk management programs to reduce bush fire hazards, reduce fire ignitions and the development of regulations for bush fire prone areas.
We donated £20 during the forest fires early this year

We Support


We help LGBTQI people escape persecution and violence around the world. 🏳️‍🌈

Can you imagine living in fear of persecution, torture or murder? Can you imagine going to jail for who you are or who you love? That is a reality for so many LGBTQI individuals around the world. Since our founding in 2006, Rainbow Railroad has helped more than 500 individuals find a path to safety to start a new life — free from persecution.
We've donated £59 so far

We Support


The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bonds.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund envisions a world where justice restores the humanity and dignity of all involved. We fight to exist in a world where every individual has access to resources to lead healthy and full lives.
We donated £20

We Support

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund


This fund was started for a small community of Black Trans Women living on the streets of Atlanta, many of whom are also sex workers. We now are not only able to help this community, but this project has grown into a unique opportunity to alleviate the chronic homelessness that exists among Trans people in Atlanta, especially among Black & brown Trans people.
We donated £30