Old Kite - Save The OA

Old Kite Needs YOUR Help!

Have you seen the viewing parties, flash mobs and rallies going on around the world and wish you could be involved? We’ve got the perfect OA-adventure for you.

Old Kite is a 75ft Octopus shaped kite, with our hashtag – #SaveTheOA – emblazoned across its front. The mission is to travel across the US and not only unite fans in real life but spread awareness of the movement and the show to the public.

We must continue to remind people of our first reason, and show that we will not go away quietly.

Use Old Kite’s flight to organise your very own OA Day. You can advertise locally, do the movements, anything you like – so long as it’s legal, you can do it! Kite flying is universally loved, so don’t forget to bring friends and family along – they don’t have to be a fan of the show, but maybe it will make them want to give it a try.

Several states are scheduled to receive Old Kite, and if you would like to join an existing team, or start one of your own in your state, please fill out the form below.